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7 Online Resources for Homework Help

7 Online Resources for Homework Help

It's common for kids to be confused by their homework and to turn to their parents for additional explanations, but what happens when you don't understand the homework either? Whether your child is struggling with algebra problems, vocabulary, or history lessons, the following websites are all recommended by moms as great resources for homework help.


Khan Academy is the place to go!” says Jodee C., one of numerous Circle of Moms members who say this video-based website is their go-to online homework resource. With over 2,600 videos covering subjects as varied as algebra, biology, history and SAT prep, it's a great resource for diverse topics. As Testa B. explains of the online homework resource: “You can click on a lesson (exponents) and it will come and give about a 7-minute lesson with step-by-step instruction. It is very useful and will take you out of having to explain the process.”

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Janet L. cites as one of the online homework resources her high school-aged son uses. The site has all the information you'd find in a regular dictionary, plus word games and a Word of the Day. Its sister site,, is also a great tool for helping kids expand their vocabularies.



Several Circle of Moms members in the Moms who are Teachers community recommend Discovery Education. The student section offers homework help on subjects like science, English, and social studies. It also includes a step-by-step math section and interactive games, videos, and virtual labs.


Lorraine T. recommends computational tool for help with "pre algebra and up,” but its coverage is actually even more extensive than math check out their examples by topic to get a sense of the breadth and depth of help and information available.


Several Circle of Moms members recommend Q&A site for homework help. As Jenelle J. shares, “ is great for school-related questions.” Simply enter your question in the search bar and then review the search results for answers.


This free reference site from Pearson Education is another great resource for students, teachers, and parents. Included is an almanac, altlas, encycolopedia, and a "homework center" with lessons on geography, math, science, social studies, and other subjects.

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Many moms, including Leslie M., suggest simply searching for the topic on the Internet: "You can always 'google' the material that is on the assignments. I find that if I put 'for kids' behind what I'm googling, I get results appropriate for my students, in simpler terms." Aurora L. uses a similar approach with another search engine: "I use Bing if the textbook is not available or doesn't present the concept in a way that I can help my child."

What do you and your kids use for homework help?

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