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7 Ridiculous "Baby Brain" Stories

7 Ridiculous "Baby Brain" Stories

7 Ridiculous "Baby Brain" Stories

One night when my daughter was a newborn, I went to see why she was crying and discovered her soaking wet — without a diaper on! It turns out that earlier that night, I’d forgotten to put a new diaper on her before I put her back to bed.

Whether it’s due to sleep deprivation, brain overload, or changing hormones, "baby brain" can can make the most organized mom forget the most ordinary things. Here are some of Circle of Momsbest “baby brain” stories.

What’s Wrong With this Coffee?

It’s an unfair twist of fate that baby brain makes some moms turn to caffeine for support and at the same time makes them do the strangest things with their coffee. Mom Katarina R. couldn’t understand why her husband was laughing at her as she searched frantically for her cup of coffee. That is, until she discovered it was in her hand the entire time.

Experiences like this aren’t unusual; a member named Ashley "put the sugar in the fridge and the milk in the press," but Circle of Moms member Amanda S.' story takes the proverbial coffee cake.

After her quest for a cup of coffee was interrupted numerous times by her crying baby, she was finally able to sit down and take a sip. She “spit it out fast,” though. Preoccupied, she had grabbed the wrong mix and made hot soup with the coffee pot!

Who Is This Kid Again?

Many Circle of Moms members complain that baby brain affects their memories more than anything else. Teresa W.’s embarrassingly public baby brain glitch illustrates this well. She explains: "The first time we took our two-month-old son to the [doctor] was two days after he was born. When I went to sign him in I blanked. I didn't know who I was there for and then didn't know his birth date."


An (Over) Load of Laundry

One of my favorite Circle of Moms baby brain stories involves laundry, of which there is an endless supply when you have a baby. After searching nearly half an hour for laundry detergent, mom Raylene D. decided that she should just start the load with a new bottle, and then proceeded to do just that.

When the laundry was done, she opened the machine "only to find that I had put the whole bottle into the washing machine with the laundry." She adds that she was lucky the cap was on tight or she would have been buried in bubbles!

Say What? 

Once you have kids it’s almost impossible to finish a sentence. Mom Brandy K. says she often loses her train of thought mid-sentence and has a hard time carrying on conversations with other adults.

Even if you can finish a sentence, finding words is ridiculously hard. Alison O. says she speaks "before all the words can properly form" in her head, leaving her with sentences like "Please put that deal back in the one place where it belongs."

Just Write it Down, If You Can

Mom after mom confesses that her memory was so bad after having a baby that she had to start writing everything down. This is a good solution... if you can remember your thought or the information long enough to find a place to jot it down! As member Barbara B. shares, sometimes even that is a challenge: she tried carrying a small pad [of paper] around, but kept forgetting where she left the pad of paper!


Does It Ever Get Better?

Funny stories aside, what moms want to know is if they will ever get their memories back. Circle of Moms members aren’t so sure. As member La G. puts it: "I was going to type a response but I forgot what I was going to say!"

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