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7 Strollers Moms Love

7 Strollers Moms Love

Height-adjustable handles, extendable hoods, cup holders, car seat attachments, zip-off diaper pouches…strollers today nearly offer more options than new cars! Given the extensive menu of choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when stroller shopping. To help you find the best strollers for your family — whether that means a lightweight, double, or jogging model — we’re spotlighting 7 great strollers that earn rave reviews from Circle of Moms members.

1. Baby Jogger City Select

Great for moms on the go, the Baby Jogger City Select features a hand-operated parking brake, front wheels that swivel or lock, multi-position seat recline and sun canopy, lots of storage space, and a 45 lb seat capacity. As Amber S. shares, it makes a great jogging stroller: “I LOVE my City Select. I use it to run, walk, or stroll and it can be a double or my opinion it is by far the best stroller out there!”

2. MacLaren Quest Sport

Looking for the best lightweight strollers? Consider the 12 lb MacLaren Quest Sport, which moms also like for being easy to maneuver and simple to fold. Laura E. shares: “Got the MacLaren Quest, which I LOVE because it reclines and folds ridiculously easy.” Mel P. offers similar input: “I like my MacLaren — at 12 pounds, it is so light, and easy to maneuver.” The MacLaren Techno also received recommendations from Circle of Moms members.



3. Graco Duo Glider

The tandem-style Graco Duo Glider also earns great reviews in Circle of Moms conversations. As Sunrise B. relayed: “I had a Graco Duo Glider and it was...easy to fold/unfold and go, lightweight and easy to push." The model also features "stadium-style seating" (the seat for the child in back is higher), reclining seats, canopies and footrests, an extra-large storage basket and a one-hand fold.

4. Valco Baby Trimode EX

As far as Circle of Moms member Rebecca is concerned, this all-terrain model is one of the best double strollers on the market: “I have a Valco Baby Twin Trimode with the additional toddler seat…It fits through a standard doorway and has 3 wheel modes depending on the surface you are pushing it on. Dual zip-off pouches on the back for diapers and a height adjustable handle for comfort when mom and dad switch stroller duty. Also has a zip-on UV bug and sun screen. Extendable individual hoods. Oh the list goes on. I love it and it was worth every penny!” 

5. BOB Revolution SE

With a sturdy frame, adjustable suspension, large sun hood, fixed or swivel front wheel option, and a tracking device, many moms find this is one of the best jogging strollers to consider. Korrisa shares of her BOB stroller: “Oh. My. Goodness…It’s so great my daughter who hates to be in strollers refuses to get out of it! Well worth the money. No regrets.” Of course, it’s not only for running! Grace B. shares: “I am NOT a runner but I love this for taking to the grocery store, on a walk, at the beach (it goes right through the sand), and even to use when my son is napping! Awesome awesome stroller!!!! Well worth the money.”


6. Combi Flare

Looking for the best travel umbrella strollers? Several Circle of Moms members recommend the 11.7-pound Combi Flare, which folds compactly (to 10”x16”x40”) and comes with a shoulder-carrying strap, bumper bar with cup holder, and an adjustable recline. X shares: “I have a Combi Flare and I just LOVE it! Very light and folds so small, handles are tall enough for hubby too."

7. Bumbleride Indie Twin

Corrie M. calls her Bumbleride stroller “THE MOST AMAZING stroller you will ever find.” Why? "It goes in every terrain condition with ease. We've had it on trails, gravel, even in sand! And it was so easy to push and maneuver. It also fits through a SINGLE doorway so you don't need help getting in and out of stores, etc., it has so many accessory options you can't even begin to imagine (sleeping bags!!!). We've traveled domestic and international by car and by plane with the stroller, again no issues, the axles detach for compressed folding and easy storage in a cargo carrier if necessary….I can easily set-up, fold, and store the stroller by myself. It's great for jogging and the kids at 2 still love to ride in it."


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