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7 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

7 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

What mom doesn't melt looking at a beautiful photograph of her child? Unfortunately, capturing sweet moments and the real personality of a jumping bean isn't easy! To help, we're sharing tips and tricks on photographing kids, all shared by expert shutterbugs our Top 25 Photographer Moms.

1. Don’t Say Cheese

“Don’t ask kids to say cheese or smile at the camera, this just makes them look stiff and uncomfortable. Instead get them doing something they really like, ask them questions or tell jokes to get them giggling.” –Regan Daniels of Regan Daniels Photographer

2. Use a Lower Vantage Point

“Get down on their level. Take close-up photos of the little details, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc.” -Sarah Halstead of Naptime Momtog


3. Adjust Your Shutter Speed

“Keep your shutter speed at a minimum of 1/125 for sitting — for playful movement start at 1/250 and for sports start at 1/1000. If you don't use manual exposure on your camera try the TV setting.  This setting will allow you to select the shutter speed and the camera will figure out the rest. Have fun!!” –Anna of Clik with Me


4. Interact With Your Subject

“My best tip for taking photos of kids is to let them interact with you. Avoid ‘setting up’ the shot, and just go with the flow...this works best on a location like a park, backyard, or beach. Let them show you the bright leaf or pretty flower they've found while you shoot, and get those moments of wonder or delight or exploration tight in your lens.” Christine Duncan of Photographic Ramblings

5. Be Silly

“When it comes to taking photos of kids, you need to be as silly as them. Don't be afraid to make a total fool out of yourself.” –Shae Lorigan of Saflower Photography

Miranda of The Barefoot Mama agrees: “Always, always, always have something that will make them laugh.”

6. Shoot a LOT!

“My best tip is actually a very simple one: Take A LOT of photos every day… I always tell people to just carry their camera with them where ever they go. If you have a baby, keep [your camera] in your diaper bag. If you have big kids, keep it in your pocket book or whatever you carry.” –Alisa Luciano of Through a Glass

Monica Shulman of Ciao, Chessa! offers similar advice: “Take many shots. Many. Kids move a lot and they change expressions faster than they blink. I have found that taking about six shots will give me one really great photo that captures the personality, and if I am lucky, I may end up with a string of good shots that document the moment.”

7. Keep Your Sense of Humor

Photographing children is a very challenging task. I find that rolling with the punches and allowing them to be themselves, rather than fighting with them in order to get them posing just right, produces happier photographs (and happier children!) in the end.” –Lauren Petrecca of Life via Lens

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