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8 Calming Ways to Cope with Mom Stress

8 Calming Ways to Cope with Mom Stress

While most Circle of Moms members agree motherhood is a blessing, there is no denying that it can also be stressful at times. Here, moms share their stress-busting survival tips, which range from getting a dose of "Vitamin N" to playing tag with the kids in the backyard. 

1. Say OM

From yoga to deep breathing, relaxation techniques are mandatory stress relievers for moms like Pamela W. “One of the best, and quickest stress relievers is breathing,” she says. “Stop and take several deep breaths and come back into your center."

2. Take a Dose of Vitamin “N”

Another cure for stress is getting outdoors to soak up nature. “I find sitting outside to be very relaxing," shares Cara K., a single mom of two preschoolers. “I love to garden, which is relaxing for me, so when I come outside at night I just listen to my water fountain trickle water and the garden is surrounded by solar lights. It is what works for me.”

3. Create Calm Moments

Creating more calm moments in your day also helps Circle of Moms members stay sane. As Melissa B. advises, "Making sure you get enough sleep, even if it is just carving out just 10-15 minutes of absolute silence (not watching TV) for yourself, is so important. Do deep breathing or focus on something relaxing. It seems small, but makes a world of difference.”


Shenelle A. adds that though she doesn’t have a lot of time for sleep, she finds that a quick catnap or just closing her eyes can restore her. “I sit on my porch or go to my room and lay in the bed and stare at the wall,” she says.

4. Move

"[Running] is what naturally comes to mind when I hear the word stress," says Lisa of Lisa Runs for Cupcakes. "If you can't find the time to squeeze in a run by yourself, try and get outdoors for a game of tag with your kids. You will be amazed by how you feel after sprinting around the yard."

5. Pray or Meditate

Moms like Heather L. say the main way they stave off stress is seeking spiritual intervention: “Prayer helps me stay calm and stay focused. During the day when I am feeling overwhelmed, I try to recognize what is most important for the welfare of my family and set aside other less-important things, such as checking my email.”

Nikkie E. also looks to prayer to alleviate mom anxiety: “The balance that prayer brings ... it's undeniable and incomparable to any other method I've tried.” 

6. Organize Something

Though it may seem counterintuitive, moms like Jane B. say they can beat off stress by burying themselves in chores like cleaning the house. "Cleaning is therapeutic," she admits. “I know this will sound crazy, but one of the things I do is clean - especially putting away clutter. By restoring order to part of my home, it draws me out of the chaos and out-of-control circumstances of my life.”


7. Talk to Other Moms About Motherhood

Finding other moms in similar situations is another tool in combating stress. As Leitia T. suggests, knowing you're not alone can help relieve pressure: “Join groups for moms like yourself so that you can see that other women are experiencing the same thing, and also to compare your feelings and support each other. There are religious groups, neighborhood groups, community center groups, and organized groups. Even just the local community center open-play gym times are great for meeting other women and kids. Don’t isolate yourself.

8. Talk to Friends About Anything BUT Motherhood 

Other moms let off stress by connecting with adults over something not related to motherhood. “At least once a month, my friends and I go out for dinner, drinks and dessert,” shares Chetna F. “It helps us to know we can eat out of the house and not cut anyone's meat or have to share a dessert. We always have a designated driver, but for the most part, we get high off the laughs we have and how much fun it is to talk about anything and nothing that has to do with marriage, the house, and the kids.”

What do you do to take care of yourself?

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