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8 Easy Tips Every New Mommy Should Know

8 Easy Tips Every New Mommy Should Know

Let's just say I am not a new mom. I suppose I am a "been there done that mom" (which sounds so much better than "older mom"). I have learned so many things I wish I had known back then, and here are eight of them. I learned these with my first and they have served me well through the years.

1. A Poem That Soothes

Memorize Wynken Blynken and Nod. It is an old, soft, absolutely lovely poem that every momma should know by heart to soothe and/or entertain her child.

2. Puree and Hide the Veggies

Blend and puree a cup of organic carrots, beets or spinach to add to your fabulous pot of spaghetti, chili or anything else you are making. Your children will never know, and when they do not want to eat their veggies that evening, you will be okay with it.

3. Pick Your Battles

It really just is not the end of the world if little one does not want to eat his broccoli you over-cooked to begin with. It really is okay that his room did not get cleaned today. Relax a little.

4. Ignore Disapproving Glances

Mommas, when your toddler is pitching (and he or she will) a horrible fit in the market, never, never look around to all the disapproving glances of "my child would never do that." It distracts you from your child's needs at the time. They are lying anyway, their kids did throw tantrums, it is also none of their business.


5. Always Carry Snacks

If your child is "acting up", think...what have they eaten in the last hour?  A glass of organic milk and a granola bar might just do the trick. This also goes for fussy teens as well, they sometimes forget to eat.

6. Go for Toys that Inspire Creativity

Always, inspire their creativity! What do they like? Not, what do you want them to like. Crayons, art supplies, LEGOs, building blocks and of course fabulous picture books bring out their creativity in ways that nothing else does.

7. Trust Yourself

Think for yourself, you are the mom.  Do not always look to "experts" for advice.  God gave you maternal instinct for a good reason.

8. Speak to Your Child with Respect

Always talk and respond to your child with love and calmness. Yes, we moms are the busiest people on the planet, but our children deserve nothing less than our best. 

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