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8 Things We Wish We'd Known About Pregnancy

8 Things We Wish We'd Known About Pregnancy

8 Things We Wish We'd Known About Pregnancy

Every mom experiences a few surprising (or even shocking) pregnancy moments. Here Circle of Moms members spill the pregnancy “secrets” they wished they’d heard about in advance.

1. Morning Sickness Misnomer

Many pregnant women are surprised to learn that morning sickness can actually occur all day…and night! As Rebecca T. shares: “The one thing I wish I would have known...that morning sickness ISN'T just for the morning.” With hindsight though, Julie S. thinks she would have appreciated that extra bathroom time: “I should of relished all of that alone time in the bathroom while I was pregnant since I was there so often. I haven't been to the bathroom by myself in almost seven years.”

2. Hello Shoulders, Goodbye Hair!

While you may be prepared for your body parts to change during pregnancy, many moms are surprised by how extreme those changes can be. Sharon G. shares: “I wish I'd known my SHOULDERS would get broader. UGH all those tailored jackets OUT the window.” And Patrice R. warns: “Expect your breasts to GROOOOOW. They may only grow 1 cup size or they may grow 4, but expect a serious change. And don't expect them to return to the size they were before. They may shrink, but not that much. On the flip side, Sandi A. was shocked that she lost so much hair: “I knew you could lose hair, but not enough to make a small poodle.”


3. Um, What Was I Talking About?

“Baby moved in, brain moved out!” joked Heather B., one of many moms who found pregnancy brought on mental mush. Jennifer F. agreed: “I used to be a well-spoken, very put-together person and then...It started when I was pregnant: forgetting things, losing things. Now I’m lucky to formulate a sentence or spell a word correctly...wait what was I talking about? Lol!”

4. Don’t Actually Eat For Two

As Nikki M. warns, apparently the phrase “eating for two” is more about maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet than an excuse to overindulge: “DON’T eat like you’re eating for two. It’s a myth. I ate like octomom and I gained 70lbs and I'm still trying to lose the belly 8 months later."

5. Crying Over Ice Cream

While you may have been duly warned about pregnancy hormones, moms like Stacy K. couldn't believe how strong mood swings could be: “No one told me I would be so moody when I was pregnant that I would cry over ice cream.” Joleen C. concurred: “Nobody told me how weepy you can get during pregnancy or right after, for no good reason...gotta love those hormones.”

6. Going to the Bathroom Gets Weird

The delivery room is full of surprises. Paige C. shares: “Nobody told me I would have so much trouble trying to pee in the little tiny tub thing they give you..I would get more pee on my hand than in the container! Haha, I know, gross. What else can you do when you are 7-9 months pregnant and can't see over your belly anymore right?” Other moms didn't realize they might actually poop while giving birth (or that the doctors wouldn't be surprised). And Sara B. shared: “Someone should really prepare you for the "disposable underwear" the hospital gives you along with the "pad larger than my own head" they want you to wear with it. I mean, really, why don't they just give you a diaper and be done with it?”

7. Awesome Power of Love

As Kathryn C. expressed, one of the biggest surprises of pregnancy is the huge burst of love that comes at the end of it: “No one can prepare you for the love you'll feel. I knew I would love my children, but it is like NOTHING else. It's primal, raw, and an incredibly beautiful thing. Nothing can prepare you for that because you can't know it until you've experienced it.”

8. Sign Me Up for Round 2!

Who knew that after all that you'd be ready to do it again?! Mandy M. shared: “Nobody told me that NO MATTER how bad labor might be or how scary, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

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