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8 Tips for Perfect Birthday Invitations

8 Tips for Perfect Birthday Invitations

Whether you're inviting just a few kids or the whole class to your child's next birthday party, creative invitations are a fun way to make your child's party special from the moment your guests first hear about it. Here we've rounded up ten smart ideas from moms on how to create the perfect invitations for an upcoming kid's bash, including what information to include and how to personalize your invitations. Happy party planning!

1. Match the Party Theme

"I always approach birthday party invitations with the belief that the invitation sets the expectation. I like it to be in the spirit of the party, which always means fun! . . .Sometimes this is simply a matter of color palette but other times it may include motifs such as zoo animals, or a dinosaur, or a ticket to a county fair." -Anneliese of Aesthetic Nest

2. Be Playful

"[Include] some catchy phrase to clue people in on what the theme is in case the graphic/font/location isn't enough." -Lin C.  


"My oldest had a Thomas-themed party so his [invitation] probably said something like 'Make tracks to my birthday' or some such thing." -Samantha L.

"We are doing a farm theme and I wrote, 'Oink, cluck, baa, moo, Gabriel H. is turning two,' on ours." -Joann H.


3. Make Your Child the Star!

"Create a keepsake invitation by including your child’s photo on the invitation. For best results, remember to use a high-resolution photo."

"I put a cute photo of Charlotte sitting in the garden at the top and said 'I'm having my first BBQ and you're invited.'" -Bethany E.

4. Don't Forget the Basics

"I make sure that [the kids] include their name and age, our address (or party location), my name and phone number." -Frances 

"Include an e-mail address on the invitation!" -Rebekah P. 

"You should include directions for those that may not know where you live." -Cherilyn E.

5. Tell Parents What to Expect

"In addition to the essential details of day, date, time and location, I like to include a note about what else to expect: Lunch? Swimming? A trip to the zoo? Anything parents might appreciate knowing before they arrive." -Anneliese of Aesthetic Nest

"[Include]a brief description of food so mom knows what to feed before the party, [and] what kinds of activities you'll be doing so no one shows up in Sunday best to paint." -Libby B.


6. List What to Bring, if Anything

"We added suggested items to bring (it was a pool party so we suggested bathing suits, towels, floaties, and sunscreen)." -Jessica M.

7. Include an End Time

"I am actually putting the end time of the party on the invites." -Charell P.

"[Include]what time the party is over so mom will come back and get her booger before bedtime." -Libby B.

8. Let the Kids Help!

"Before my son became a tweenager, he would help me design his party invites." -Shandra Ward of Party Elements by Shandra Ward

"Let the kids help make them so they can add that special touch." -Cathy B.

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