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9 Essentials for a Nursery First-Aid Kit

9 Essentials for a Nursery First-Aid Kit

Wondering which first-aid supplies are must-haves for new moms? Circle of Moms members swear by these 9 nursery essentials to help you avoid frantic late-night runs to the store.

1. Baby Thermometer

Baby thermometers are essential for quickly confirming whether your flushed newborn is running a fever. While there are many kinds of thermometers (ear, armpit, rectal, mouth, forehead), several moms, including Rebecca K., prefer those that show easy color-coded readings: “I use the Vicks brand thermometer. It has a large lighted digital face, the face turns green if there is no fever, amber if there is a low grade fever, and red if a high fever. It takes 8 seconds to get a temperature.” Don’t forget to keep rubbing alcohol swabs on hand for disinfecting, plus petroleum jelly for rectal thermometers.

2. Infant Nail Clippers or Nail File

Baby nails can causes bad scratches if left untrimmed, especially if a child develops an itchy skin condition like eczema. In addition to nail clippers or a nail file, mother-of-one C. P. recommends scissors: “The scissors help get the very corners of the nail on an infant, which is where they tend to get scratches from even with clipped nails.”


3. Children’s Pain Reliever

Though you’ll want to check with your pediatrician about administering infant pain medications, Krystal W. recommends them as one of the best baby shower gifts for a new mom: “Soon enough there will be a time where they need Tylenol or Motrin, and they will have you to thank when they don’t have to leave to find infant medicine at 2 a.m.!”

4. Gripe Water and Mylicon

Many moms are relieved to have gripe water and Mylicon on hand when their babies become gassy or colicky. As Michelle K. recalls: “My little ones had really bad gas. So Mylicon drops were a lifesaver for me.” And Paige S. raves about gripe water: “Definitely a life saver!! It helps with colic, upset stomach, cramps, hiccups, teething, and gas. Sometimes we can't get her to calm down and we give her some gripe water and it helps a lot!”

5. Diaper Rash Cream

From Bourdreaux Butt Paste to Desitin, moms tout many different diaper rash creams as miracle workers. Some products receive consistently high marks, including Melanie B.’s favorite brand: "Triple Paste. It is THE BEST on the market… Both my daughters have eczema and sensitive skin, so Triple Paste has been a lifesaver, or should I say, a butt saver.”

6. Nasal Aspirator and Saline Drops

“An aspirator (boogie sucker) and saline nose drops are another must have,” shares Christie E. “My son had RSV at 7 weeks (basically a cold, but since they have no immune system, it was pretty stressful), and I couldn’t tell you how many times I used it.” Others, like Nicole K., encourage getting a battery operated nasal aspirator: “I absolutely love it and works so much better than the regular ones! I couldn't imagine not having one.”

7. Pedialyte

Another product you’ll want to check with your pediatrician about, Pedialyte can help rehydrate sick babies. As Nancy L. shared: “My son is just recovering from severe diarrhea. The doctor said it was okay to give him Pedialyte. He was 7 weeks when he got sick. It would keep him hydrated due to all the nutrients they lose."

8. Nipple Cream

Nursery first-aid kids should have products for moms too! Many Circle of Moms members agree with Bethany B. that Lansinoh nipple cream and nursing pads are a “gift from God” for sore and leaking nipples (Medela creams are popular too).

9. Emergency Numbers

You can always call 911 in an emergency, but having a list of other emergency numbers handy in your medicine kit (and programmed into your cell phone) is smart. Include numbers for the closest hospital, your family doctor, Poison Control, and local police and fire departments.

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