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9 T.V. Shows Moms Hate to Admit They're Watching

9 T.V. Shows Moms Hate to Admit They're Watching

9 T.V. Shows Moms Hate to Admit They're Watching

During the day, if you’re home with the kids,  when your television is on it’s probably tuned in to mom-approved kid shows.  By the time the kids are asleep, the laundry and dishes are finally done and you’re all caught up on work, it’s time for a little me time in front of the T.V.  

As Circle of Moms member Iris P. asks “What are the TV shows [moms] watch and only tell few people because the rest would look at you with the ‘are you for real?!’ look?"

Here some of the most-watched, least talked about T.V. shows Circle of Moms members admit to loving.

1. Supernanny

You’d think moms would have had enough of misbehaving kids at the end of the day, but it seems not. Maybe it’s because the kids and and situations you see “on T.V. [are] extreme”, as mom Joy B. puts it (she also notes of Nanny Frost, “I can’t stand that woman!”)  or maybe it’s because, as member “America3437” says, “Nanny Frost is great." Either way, Supernanny is one of those shows moms just can’t turn off.


2.  Grey's Anatomy

Mom Martha L. admits that Grey’s Anatomy is a show she doesn’t miss, even if the kids aren’t in bed yet. She just records the new episodes of McDreamy and “enjoys them later.”  But it’s not just moms; their husbands are watching with them!  Just don’t ask anyone to admit it.

3. Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant and I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

Clearly these shows share a theme that makes them a guilty pleasure. Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant transfix me. I’m not alone. Circle of Moms member Marylea C. is among those who says she probably enjoys them more than she should. And of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Amber G. says “it's so stupid... but it's my guilty sin.”  Being a mom is hard. It’s good to see shows that admit it.  

4. Dexter

I’ve never seen this dark show about a forensic expert who is also serial killer, but many other moms look forward Dexter. Zahra K. may have summed it up best when she said “It’s not fun to watch, I must admit. But I still like to watch it.


5. Desperate Housewives

There are going to be a lot of desperate moms when this show ends its eight-year run in May 2012.  Circle of Moms member Amy R. says Desperate Housewives is a show she can’t miss and Carol H. says it’s a good show for moms. Why? “The mindless drama!”

6. Dancing With the Stars

Moms don’t seem to have as much trouble admitting they watch this show. In fact, a number of mothers, including Robin S. and Johnny, say it’s a guilty pleasure they share with their daughters, watching it together for some mother-daughter bonding. I’m jealous. My daughter won’t watch it with me — I talk to the T.V. when someone messes up.

7. The Bachelor

Iris chimed in with one of her own hate-to-love-it shows, The Bachelor. “I hate that show, but I can't stop watching it,” she explains.  Meghan A., another devoted watcher, agrees, saying “by the end of each episode I am angry and disgusted.” That doesn’t stop her and other Circle of Moms members from tuning in to see women “competing” for true love.

What Makes These “Guilty Pleasures” so Pleasurable?

Interestingly, the list of shows is about evenly divided between fantasy and reality. It seems that when the day is done, moms like to sit down and escape to a world that doesn’t really exist or one that does — and is very different than our own lives.

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