This Woman Tries For Another Baby, 6 Months After a Miscarriage

In the 12th episode of 9 Months With Courteney Cox, we catch up with three couples all dealing with different outcomes of pregnancy: miscarriage, preterm birth, and multiple births. Crissy arrives at the hospital to get a cervical cerclage, a stitch that reduces the chance of a miscarriage. Vivi, her cousin who is also pregnant, stands by her side during the procedure. With a successful cerclage, Crissy's pregnancy continues, but Vivi miscarries. Devastated, Crissy now must face the challenges of pregnancy without Vivi, provoking fear that she could lose her baby, too.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Steve head to the hospital. Nervous that the baby will not grow any larger, a consequence of Lauren's chemotherapy treatment, they decide to induce labor at 37 weeks. We sit with them in the hospital for 22 hours before Lauren is ready to deliver. We also return to Adam, who is finally prepared to tell his partner, Jay, that their surrogate is pregnant with triplets. Jay takes the news well, saying that he's always wanted a big family, but Adam is hesitant, unsure if he can handle being a stay-at-home dad with four kids.

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