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An Adorable Ladybug-Themed Party

An Adorable Ladybug-Themed Party

My friend Barbara created this amazing, good old fashioned ladybug-themed party for her little girl's fifth birthday. It was really easy to throw, and included a craft activity, party games, and a stunning birthday cake.

As with all good parties, especially girls' parties, it started with the craft activity: making ladybug hats. All the pieces were pre-cut and ready to go (she used instructions found on YouTube.)

Then onto the party games! My favorite one was the bug & spoon race. She scrunched individual pieces of tissue paper in many different colors into balls and then glued on self adhesive eyes. The kids used large salad spoons to hold the bugs and then ran relay races with two teams. The kids loved it.


The party finished with a lovely ladybug cake. It was absolutely delicious, and needless to say, it didn't last long!


Image Source: Niamh Farnon

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