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Alarming Schoolyard Game Banned in Minnesota School

Alarming Schoolyard Game Banned in Minnesota School

And you thought catching your kids playing "Doctor" would be challenging...

Parents in New Ulm, Minn. were horrified to find out that their fifth graders were playing a freeze tag variation called "Rape Tag" in their schoolyard. Their local television station, WCCO TV, reported that, "... if you are "it", you are the rapist. Instead of saying "you're it", you say "Rape," and you get points for touching people on certain body parts."

Parents discovered the game when their kids buzzed about it on Facebook. They reported it to the principal, who worked with teachers and recess aides to put a quick stop to it — but not before at least one parent had published the names of kids who had participated

Read the whole story (Huffington Post)

Have you ever banned a game your kids made up?

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