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Amazing Images From Chalk Artist Dad

You Won't Believe What This Dad Can Do With Sidewalk Chalk

Amazing Images From Chalk Artist Dad
Image Source: Shutterstock

Most of us can make pretty decent rainbows, flowers, or butterflies with our kiddo's sidewalk chalk, but one dad's use of the chalky medium is like nothing we've ever seen before. BJ Wilkinson, a commercial-kitchen-equipment repair contractor by day, busts out some absolutely amazing works of art using chalk as well as his adorable daughter, Ava. The talented father said, "I started including Ava in the scenes because it was funny and she's the most receptive to the whole concept. My other two kids are 14 and 13 and are 'too cool' to pose with cheesy cartoon characters."

BJ does it just for the pure enjoyment of it all, proving that nothing is better than when you can combine what you love with who you love. He does admit that the drawings are a bit time-consuming, but the results are absolutely worth it in our book. So check out some of his latest creations — and be prepared to be blown away!

Source: Instagram user capn_awesome77; Front Page

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