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Answering Children's Questions

BabySugar Diaries: In Search of Answers

When I was a tot, I thought my father was a modern day Einstein. A chemist by education and an attorney by trade, he knew the answer to every question I ever asked. "Why is the sky blue?" would lead into a lesson about the atmosphere and how molecules scatter light. "Why do I have to wear my seat belt?" was turned into a conversation about safety and laws. Regardless of how obscure my question was, he had an answer – and this was before the Internet.

Fast-forward two decades and I find myself scrambling to answer my lil one's growing list of questions. Everything we discuss is now followed by that infamous three-letter word – why? "But why do we need to wait for water to boil?" and "Why do we wear underpants?" Some answers are obvious, and others I can easily find through my trusty lil friend Google, but then there are the ones that leave me scratching my head. I'm beginning to wonder how my own father answered all of the questions – if he really knew all of that stuff, or if he made it up like the rest of us just to stop the interrogation?

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