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The Art of Burping

The Art of Burping

Feel like you’ve patted your baby’s back a dozen different ways and those stubborn burps still won’t come up? Try the following 10 burping tips and techniques from Circle of Moms members. While not all of them will work for every baby, you only need to find the one that works for yours.

1. Burping After Every 2 Ounces

“Try burping him after 2 ounces,” Esmeralda U. suggests. Her advice is spot-on: the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends burping bottle-fed babies every 2-3 ounces. And though burping is less of an issue for breastfed babies, the AAP still recommends burping breastfed babies each time you switch breasts.

2. Over-the-Shoulder Position

This classic burp position entails resting your baby against your shoulder and patting or rubbing your baby’s back. Several moms, including Kelli S., also recommend a modified approach that positions the baby higher on your shoulder: “Try holding him up higher to where your shoulder is putting pressure on his tummy.”


3. Seated Angles and Rotations

Many parents find that placing the baby in various angled seated positions work well for bringing up a burp. As Melissa S. shares, “What was best for us was holding his chest (and supporting his neck), leaning him forward and burping.” Others, like Melissa D., find that leaning their babies in different directions brings up the burps: “I would sit my son on my lap and slowly tilt him from side to side and front to back. It was really relaxing for him and it seems to work the air bubbles out.”

4. Gentle Bouncing

I bounced my son and that pretty much worked every time,” Erin L. admits. She's not alone; bouncing aids in burping for many babies. As Nikki M. relays: “I would sit him on my knee and bounce him...he sat up straight (and) would just burp on his own.”  

5. Tummy Time

If none of the above techniques produce a burp, consider laying the baby, tummy-down, on your knee or lap. Robyn M. explains: “Try lying them across your knee face down with head supported, and gently rub their back.”

6. Vertical Spine Rub

Another burping strategy recommended by several Circle of Moms members is a slow, firm vertical rub while the baby is seated. Melanie M. shares: “Try sitting your son on your lap with your arm across his front for support, then use the ball of your hand rub from the tail bone upward along the spine in one slow and slightly firm motion.”

7. Walking

As Angel C. advises, the gentle up-and-down motion of walking can also help in burping: “Try walking with him and pat while walking…or if you have stairs, try walking up and down the stairs.”

8. Switching Positions

With some babies, it’s not a single burping position, but rather a change in positions that produces burps. Carol C.  relays: “I find that if I hold her vertically or sitting for a while and then move her to a different position she sometimes burp(s) without (me) patting or rubbing her back.” Melanie M. concurs: “I’ll lay her down on my lap for a minute or so and then bring her back up. Laying them down sometimes seems to bring up the bubbles.”

9. Rubbing vs. Patting

While a patting technique works for many babies, rubbing is more effective with others. Jess L. suggests "a deep rub. It really worked wonders!"

10. Over the Counter Help

If you’re still having trouble burping your baby, many moms recommend consulting with your pediatrician about using gas relievers such as Mylicon, gripe water, or Infacol

Did another burping strategy work wonders for your baby? Share in the comments below!

Image Source: nateone via Flickr/Creative Commons

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