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Baby Girl Born Pregnant With Twins

A Baby Was Born "Pregnant" With Twins (Let That Sink In)

Ready for this? A baby girl was born "pregnant" with 8- to 10-week-old twin fetus-like structures, ABC News reports. The baby was born in November 2010, and researchers are just now releasing their findings that what was thought to be a set of tumors in her abdomen were actually fetuses. They weighed in at half an ounce and a third of an ounce and were developmentally far enough along that they each had four limbs, a spine, a rib cage, intestines, and an anus.

The nearly 9-pound "pregnant" baby underwent a successful surgery to remove the fetuses when she was just 2 weeks old. The condition is known as fetus in fetu, and there have been 200 documented incidences — ever. Fetus in fetu occurs when a partially developed fetus (or in this case, two of them) becomes incorporated into a normally developing fetus within the womb. Can you imagine?!

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