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Baby Girl Names From the 1950s

The Most Popular Girl Names From the 1950s Are Too Cute

Let's throw back to a time of sock hops and poodle skirts for some baby name inspiration. Looking at the top 50 names from the 1950s, as collected by the Social Security Administration, you'll find classic and cute first names. Any name on this list could also serve as a retro middle name that would potentially honor a dear family member, since chances are you have a mom or aunt with one of these names. Check them out now.

  1. Mary
  2. Linda
  3. Patricia
  4. Susan
  5. Deborah
  6. Barbara
  7. Debra
  8. Karen
  9. Nancy
  10. Donna
  11. Cynthia
  12. Sandra
  13. Pamela
  14. Sharon
  15. Kathleen
  16. Carol
  17. Diane
  18. Brenda
  19. Cheryl
  20. Janet
  21. Elizabeth
  22. Kathy
  23. Margaret
  24. Janice
  25. Carolyn
  26. Denise
  27. Judy
  28. Rebecca
  29. Joyce
  30. Teresa
  31. Christine
  32. Catherine
  33. Shirley
  34. Judith
  35. Betty
  36. Beverly
  37. Lisa
  38. Laura
  39. Theresa
  40. Connie
  41. Ann
  42. Julie
  43. Gloria
  44. Gail
  45. Joan
  46. Paula
  47. Peggy
  48. Cindy
  49. Martha
  50. Bonnie
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock
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