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Baby Monitor Hacked

Stranger Hacks Into Baby Monitor to Spy on 2-Year-Old

As a parent, it’s no doubt unnerving when you find out your child is being watched. So you can imagine how Texas parents Marc and Lauren Gilbert felt when they heard a "creepy" voice saying lewd comments to their 2-year-old through the baby monitor they installed in her room. When Marc realized that someone had hacked into the wireless monitor and could control the camera to see into his daughter’s room, he ripped the device out of the wall.

Parry Aftab, a lawyer specializing in Internet privacy and security law, says such an incident is uncommon, but it is a valid fear. She recommends using a strong password on wi-fi devices or anyone could access your home's wi-fi and subsequently the device as well.

On the bright side, Gilbert says it’s somewhat of a blessing that his daughter, Allyson, is deaf, so she didn’t hear the hacker’s comments.


Do you have one of these monitors in your home?

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