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Baby Names For New Beginnings

30 Baby Names That Stand For New Beginnings and Fresh Hope

Whether it's just after New Year's or well into the Earth's yearly cycle around the sun, it's never too late or too early to create a fresh start, especially if you're expecting a baby. From ways to say "hope" or "dawn" in different languages to names that signify a new beginning or fresh start, there's a beautiful baby name for your little one that packs a meaningful punch.

Read through for 30 baby names that stand for new beginnings and fresh hopes.


  1. Aadi (Hindi, "beginning")
  2. Altan (Turkish, "dawn")
  3. Arman (Arabic, "hope")
  4. Arun (Hindi, "dawn")
  5. Ashur (Indian, "beginning")
  6. Ewan (Scottish, "youth")
  7. Inizio (Italian, "beginning")
  8. Irvin (Gaelic, "fresh")
  9. Julian (Spanish, "youth")
  10. Kit (Greek, "hopeful")
  11. Mika (Japanese, "new moon")
  12. Naveen (Indian, "new")
  13. Neo (Latin, "new")
  14. Ordell (Latin, "beginning")
  15. Raanan (Hebrew, "fresh")


  1. Amaryllis (Greek, "fresh")
  2. Arata (Japanese, "fresh" and "new")
  3. Asha (Indian, "hope")
  4. Aurora (Latin, "dawn")
  5. Charise (French, "hopeful")
  6. Dawn
  7. Evie (Hebrew, "life")
  8. Genesis
  9. Hope
  10. Kiah (Indian, "new beginning")
  11. Nasima (Arabic, "fresh air")
  12. Neoma (Greek, "new moon")
  13. Nova (Latin, "new")
  14. Oriana (Latin, "dawn")
  15. Zora (Serbo-Croatian, "dawn")
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