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Baby Rock Climbing on Ellen

Meet the 1-Year-Old Rock-Climbing Baby Who Wows Ellen DeGeneres

Before she could even walk, little Ellie Farmer was climbing the walls of her nursery — literally. Her parents, Zack and competitive rock climber Rachael, built a rock wall next to her crib, and at 8 months old, she eagerly climbed her way to the top as her parents watched. They credit her ability with having watched her parents at the climbing gym since she was 2 weeks old.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Farmers said she started feeling the rocks around 6 months old and was climbing by 8. Though she wears padded clothing, she is not attached to a harness (her parents spot her) during her climbs. Ellie wasn't too impressed with Ellen during the interview, but she fervently ran to a wall Ellen rolled out and quickly made her way to the top.

Watch, and we're pretty sure you'll be as impressed as Ellen was — we just wish our arms were as strong as hers!

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