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Baby-Shower-Planning Tips

5 Tips For Throwing a Memorable Baby Shower

The following post was written by Rachel Teodoro, who blogs at Holy Craft and is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

Welcoming a new baby into a family is one of the most life changing events a couple will experience. A baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the mother to be as she prepares for one of the most exciting times in her life! These five tips will help you throw a baby shower that will not only make the mother to be feel loved and supported, but at the same time provide a lifelong memory.

1. Carefully select the invitation.

The invitations set the tone for the whole event. The colors in your invitation should be a reflection of the color palette for your baby shower. Selecting a theme for the shower can be done before the invitations are sent out and should be included in your invitations design. Having a bumble bee shower? Include a bee image on your invitation. Throwing a storybook luncheon? Consider sending out library-card-shaped invitations. If you are you having a hard time coming up with a theme or color palette, take a cue from how the parents have decorated the nursery. If the parents-to-be liked chevron or woodland animals enough to decorate the nursery, then you are sure to please with a related baby shower theme and color palette.

2. Decorate based on your theme or color palette.

At the risk of going overboard, keep your decorating contained to one area. Once presents are brought in and people are filling the room, things can get cluttered very quickly. Consider having a food table that is decorated with your color palate and theme and pare down the decorations elsewhere. It's always nice to consider where the mother to be will be sitting and make sure that she has a photo-worthy backdrop. You can do this with a banner, onesies on a clothesline, or other theme-related decorations.

3. Choose your food wisely.

Several years ago I hosted a "she's about to pop" baby shower for my sister-in-law. I included food tents that matched the invitations that were sent out and food and snacks that were related to the theme. We even had a gourmet "pop"-corn bar. Every guest went home with a cake pop as a party favor. It's the little details that will make your party stand out.

4. It's not a baby shower without some type of game or activity.

Consider the personality of the mother-to-be. Not everyone likes to be the center of attention, even around those they love. Melting candy bars in diapers and then guessing what they are may be a memorable game, but quite possibly for all the wrong reasons. If the mother-to-be hates glitter and messes, having a onesie-decorating station is probably not the best idea. Once again, drawing from the theme of the event is a great way to plan activities or games. Having a woodland animal theme? Play a baby animal-matching trivia game. A book-themed baby shower will lend itself to guessing lines from well-loved children's books. Having two or three activities planned will give your guests a time to laugh, mingle, and relax.

5. Add a personal touch.

The guests at your baby shower are probably those family and friends that are closest to the mother-to-be. Take this time to celebrate those relationships. Have guests write a special letter or note for the baby to be read on a milestone birthday or compile a list of parenting advice for the parents from the guests for the parents to read after the shower. Sometimes this step requires some advance planning. For instance, have all of your guests submit a favorite lullaby and compile it to create a CD for the parents. Or create a baby book of pictures from when the father and mother were a baby and leave a few pages blank for the new baby. It's these special details that will help create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Whatever you do, don't forget to take some time to just step back, relax, and enjoy celebrating this new life.

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