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A Back-to-School Morning Routine That Works

A Back-to-School Morning Routine That Works

I have 9 year old girl-boy twins.  They are very different but they both crave predictability and routine (don't all kids?).

When our twins were about to start kindergarten, we created a morning routine, and four years later it's the key to perfect school mornings.

The schedule is simple and allows the children to focus on their independence and skill level, which is why it works for all ages.

The kids cleave to this routine so much so that they even follow it on weekends!

Here it is:

  • Wake Up
  • Use Bathroom (this also helps with potty training); Wash Hands
  • Brush Teeth
  • Get Dressed
  • Make Bed
  • Wake Up Mom and Dad (usually we are already awake!)
  • Breakfast Time
  • Free Play
  • Leave for School 

Since my son has special needs, I used visuals on our schedule, pulled from the Internet, and fun colorful markers to show the schedule and the times. (Here's a sweet morning routine chart from the blog I Heart Organizing, and I share other schedule ideas on my blog.)

Sometimes simple is best!

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