9 Backhanded Compliments No Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

Jun 25 2017 - 5:55am

While it's true that pregnant women are often subject to hormone swings, the chemical shifts aren't always to blame for a mom-to-be's emotional state. Sometimes, insensitive comments justifiably bring expecting moms to tears! Instead of potentially hurting a mom-to-be's feelings (or really getting her fired up!), it's easier to avoid making some simple observations [1]. Whether you're guilty of saying one of these "harmless" phrases with good intentions, or were just completely oblivious to the fact that they could have a negative connotation, here are nine backhanded compliments [2] you want to avoid uttering — because expecting mamas are tired of hearing these "unintentional" digs.

You look like you’ve barely gained anything!

Her first thought: Does that mean I looked 20 pounds heavier than I actually was? 

Wow, you’re really glowing!

Her first thought: Did you have to point out how much I'm sweating?!

You’re so lucky to be pregnant at your age.

Her first thought: Let's keep my age out of this, shall we? 

You seem so relaxed — I was a nervous wreck!

Her first thought: I don't need another reminder about how scared I should be. 

You’re lucky to have those childbearing hips!

Her first thought: Don't even go there. 

You haven’t even started waddling yet!

Her first thought: I know that I look huge, but I don't plan on waddling — ever. 

I would’ve never known that you were pregnant!

Her first thought: Did you just think I was getting fat?

You’re lucky you get to take time off and relax after the baby is born!

Her first thought: Yes, because recovering from childbirth while caring for a newborn is a tropical vacation. 

Your boobs look massive!

Her first thought: I know that I'm normally flat-chested but there's no need to stare at my temporary "upgrade."

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