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Bad Words Kids Shouldn't Say

The Mom List of Naughty Words

We all know the really bad words, like those that would get us into seriously hot water at work. But there's another list to be aware of, too. Mom Cristina A. calls them "ugly words," while other moms call them "bad" or "potty" words. While they're not really curse words, many moms still think they're unacceptable. Keep reading to see which words make the list.

1. Dumb

Using the word "dumb" (or a derivation thereof) may seem pretty harmless, but somehow when it comes out of the mouth of a little kid, it has a lot of power to be hurtful. Kate C. says words are just words until they're used as insults or to hurt someone's feelings. That's why "dummy" is on her list of inappropriate words.

2. Gimme

Mom Stina B. says she has outlawed this word in her house, and I can see why. Technically, the word "gimme" doesn't have the power to be hurtful or shocking, but it is rude and disrespectful. If you're like Lindsay H. and build your bad word list around a respect factor, this word definitely qualifies.

3. Hate

Hate is a powerful word, and one that kids often use without really knowing the deep emotion it conveys. Many moms have banned the word "hate" and are teaching their little ones to replace it with more accurate, descriptive phrases.

4. Butt

Not all moms agree that "butt" is a naughty word. In fact, Angie C. prefers her kids use it as an alternative to the more unpleasant words that can be used to describe that particular anatomical part. Allie R., on the other hand, put the word on her naughty list when her 3-year-old daughter started calling everyone a "butt crack."

5. Idiot/Jerk/Loser

Christa sums up the reason these words are on her naughty list by saying she just doesn't put up with name-calling of any kind. Jessica H. admits she doesn't want her kids using the word "idiot," but she's still working on banishing it from her own vocabulary.

6. Oh My God!/Jesus Christ

I remember trying to explain to my kids when they were little that it wasn't just the words that weren't appropriate, but the intent behind their usage. Angie K. did a much better job than I did, telling her kids they can only use the Lord's name in a "reverent way."

7. Slurs or Mean Slang

It can be difficult to explain to little kids why words like "fag" or the "n" word are inappropriate when kids are just repeating something they've heard. As Malinda S. explains, sometimes words are used flippantly without us realizing their hurtful nature. But hurtful they are, and so on the list they go. Malinda says as her children get older, she'll make sure they understand the connotation of the words.

8. Retard(ed)

This is a great word to add to the naughty list right on the heels of Spread the Word to End the Word day, a day that asks people to replace the r-word with another r-word: respect. Moms agree that calling someone or something "retard" or "retarded" as an insult is just not cool.

9. Shut Up

This phrase is near the top of the naughty word list. It's a phrase that, to me, tells someone that what they have to say is of no importance at all. Kathryn L. asks her 3-year-old to say "hush" instead, and Traci says she's OK with "be quiet."

10. Stupid

I didn't think this word was too bad until I heard my 3-year-old repeat it. Then I realized that mom Nancy was right when she said it's not that bad unless it's being used to express anger. There are much more productive words your children can learn to express their frustration.

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