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Bagel Snake

Bagel Snake

From Annabel Karmel's Complete Party Planner

Bagel Snake


  1. 2 bagels
    Egg mayonnaise with salad cress
    2-3 hard boiled eggs (cooked for 10 minutes)
    3 tbsp mayonnaise
    1 tbsp chives
    3 tbsp salad cress
    Salt & pepper
    Cherry tomatoes (halved)
    Chives, 1 stuffed olive, sliced strip of pepper


Slice the bagels in half and then cut each down the center to form a semi circle. Cut out the head of the snake from one of the pieces of bagel and tail from the other. Mix the ingredients for the toppings and spread half the bagels with tuna and half with egg.

Decorate the tuna topping with tomato and the egg with strips of chives arranged in a criss cross pattern. Arrange the bagels to form the body of a snake and arrange two slices of stuffed olive to form the eyes and cut out a forked tongue from the strip of red pepper.

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