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The Best Advice My Mom Has Given Me

The Best Advice My Mom Has Given Me

We moms are deluged with parenting advice from the get-go, often from our own mothers. Luckily, as we raise our own families, we have lots of opportunities to figure out which inherited words of wisdom are worth passing on to our own daughters. We asked the Top 25 Parenting Advice bloggers in our motherhood behind the scenes program to tell us the best advice they received from their own moms. Here are seven of the gems they shared.

1. There's Nothing You Can't Do!

"There's nothing you can't do!" are the 5 words that impacted my childhood the most. It is a quote I believe in, live by and share with my own child. Support and encouragement are two incredibly important tools we use as parents, in my humble opinion. And I was one of the fortunate ones to have an incredible Mom - still do." -Daniella of Ask the Single Parent

2. Don’t Compare Your Child to Others

"Every child is different and should be treated as such. Never compare your children to what others' kids and babies are doing at a certain age. And certainly don't compare your second child to your first. Or third to the second. All develop at their own pace and that is what makes them special." –Jen Levinson of Jen’s List


3. Offer Choices

“I would say the best advice I received was to offer choices. If anyone is told exactly what to do, they will push back so give options and you get less 'no!'.” -Sean Eckenrod of Respect for Kids

4. Have a Life Outside Your Family

“I think the best advice my mom gave me was not so much what she said, but how she lived. She always had a life of her own outside her marriage and her parenting role. It taught me to create the same for myself. I have a life with my husband and a close relationship with all my children but I also have a separate life with a large group of women friends and different activities that are just mine. It's been a significant contribution to my general state of happiness.” –Barbara Desmarais of The Parenting Coach


Keep it Simple

"My mom always tell me to not over complicate things. Keep it simple. This helps me keep perspective!" -Julie Kieras of A Year With Mom and Dad

6. Make Your Marriage a Priority

“The best advice my mom ever gave me was this: 'Love your children every second of every day and give them everything you can, but love your husband just as much. Children are the greatest gift, but a loving marriage makes for happy children.' While my kids are always my top priority, my marriage is right there with them.” -Katie Hurley of Practical Parenting

7. Enjoy Every Day

"My mom always reminds me to enjoy every day, because you can't get it back. The time really does fly by, and kids grow up fast, so it's important to celebrate every milestone and achievement." -Nicole of Real OC Mom

What's the best advice your mom ever gave you?

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