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Best Birth Photos Ever Taken

The 20 Most Stunning Birth Photos You've Ever Seen

Best Birth Photos Ever Taken
Image Source: Leilani Rogers

They say mothers are made to forget the pain of childbirth so that they're willing to do it over again. If that's the case, then why do these birth photos cause all of those emotions — from intense pain to immense joy — to come flooding back to the surface in the most beautiful way possible?

Likely because Austin, TX-based birth photographer Leilani Rogers knows how to capture not just the moment but the profound meaning behind it.

"To capture those fleeting, remarkable moments, you have to always work in anticipation," she told POPSUGAR. "Camera ready, thinking ahead to mama's next move."

From all-natural home births to hospital deliveries, Rogers has captured amazing birth stories, whether it's a surrogate delivering twins for an expectant couple to a baby born inside its amniotic sac. Here, a collection of her finest work that is sure to leave you wishing you could go back to the day when your own birth story was in the making.

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