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Best Halloween Party Pins

15 Pins to Inspire the Ultimate Halloween Bash

If your Halloween plans entail playing hostess to a houseful of little trick-or-treaters, Pinterest is probably already one of your favorite destinations on the web. The site is a constantly changing resource for party-planning inspiration, and it's easy to get lost in the awesome imagery and endless ideas. Allow us to streamline your search by directing you to 15 of the most clever and creative pins to inspire your Halloween bash!

  1. Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

    These glam pumpkins make a witty and whimsical greeting for your guests.

  2. Gimme a Hand

    Get glowing with these creep-tastic glow-in-the-dark hands.

  3. Going Batty

    Purple and green accents give this fun-filled buffet a touch of glam ghoulishness.

  4. Bobbing For Donuts

    Forget bobbing for apples, this Halloween, donuts are where it's at!

  5. A Ghostly Piñata

    This lovable little ghost is just begging for a good time!

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  7. A Tasty Graveyard

    A store-bought cookie classic gets a haunting Halloween makeover in this graveyard sensation.

  8. Oh My! A Ghostly Pie

    A herd of lovable ghosts turn this sweet treat into a masterpiece!

  9. Sweet Sensations

    This Amy Atlas-designed dessert table is packed with thoughtful details.

  10. Make Mealtime Magic

    It wouldn't be a party without one of our very own picks for Halloween-themed meals for kids!

  11. You're Cordially Invited . . .

    There are bats that give us the heebie jeebies, then there are these little sweeties who make the invitation even sweeter.

  12. Clean Lines

    Moms with minimal tastes will appreciate the chic simplicity of these black and white treat bags.

  13. High-Flying Fun

    Add another dimension of fun to your bevy of balloons with glittery spiders as anchors.

  14. Sip in Style

    Dress up your drinks with these little witches — they're not shy to hitch a ride!

  15. Party Animals

    Get your pumpkins party-ready with this easy inspiration!

  16. Festive Garland

    This rustic Etsy garland sets the tone for a low-key, still stylish Halloween soiree.

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