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Best Home Birth Photos

These Stunning Birth Photos May Just Convince You to Have Your Baby at Home

While this mom sat in the birthing pool, her son came over for a supportive smooch.
Image Source: Meg Brock Photography

There are a handful of ways to bring a baby into this world, and though many of us might immediately think "hospital" when it comes to childbirth, there's something undeniably beautiful and seriously cool about giving birth right at home. Whether it's in a birthing tub in the living room, in bed, or in the bathroom shower, a home birth means fewer beeping monitors, minimal people present, and a serene location of your choice. Even if you've never once thought that a home birth could be right for you, there's no question: home births are pretty rad.

"There's no place like home" may have all new meaning after you see these stunning birth photos of moms bringing their babies into the world in their homes.

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