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Best Season For Pregnancy

Moms Talk About the Best Season For Pregnancy

While some pregnancies aren't planned, others are carefully timed to fit into a mama-to-be's schedule. When we asked our readers to chime in on the best season to carry a child. Here's what they had to say!

  • Carri hopes to avoid a Summer pregnancy again. "I was newly pregnant during the summer of 2008, which had the most consecutive highs in a long time. I'm talking over 100 for a couple of weeks. I was miserable. It wasn't until it cooled off (November-ish for So Cal) that I started feeling better."
  • Facebook fan Anna Morales would choose any season but Summer, "anytime but summer I guess...I felt so hot, crazy hormones!"
  • Winter sounds good to PatiBF. "I was pregnant from May – February and it was perfect because I was at my heaviest during the coldest months of the year. I was always hot anyway so I think it would've been ten times worse if it were Summer. Also, by the time summer rolled around I had lost 90 percent of the baby weight so I felt okay in my shorts and sleeveless dresses!"
  • Facebook fan Heather Roberts Allred chimed in with a vote for Spring, "Spring was the best! Unlike my first, who had to stay sequestered inside due to RSV and when we did out I would have to bundle her up against the snow and ice and wind then get her undone so she wouldn't melt in the car. Spring baby, rocking in a glider outside in a onesie and receiving blanket, the night we got home, barbecuing with friends."
  • grablife365 voted for Fall. "Right now is a good time for me. I got pregnant right at the start of June. I was hot yes, but not too hot. Now it's cooling down and I'm getting bigger but it will be Texas winter and spring so I don't think the weather will make me uncomfortable."

Keep reading to see what more readers had to say!

  • Facebook fan Ira Khaykin is also a fan of Spring, "You know, I'd want to be due in late April or mid-May if and only theoretically speaking. It would be nice to recover by mid summer to be able to sneak away to swing for a few hours."
  • magickofreiki also chimed in on the benefits of a cold weather pregnancy. "I loved June-March because I avoided my biggest allergy months (April, May)! It was fun being pregnant during all the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)."
  • Summer took its toll on starbucks. "My daughter was born in late August and it was hell...I'd rather be pregnant in the colder months. Although it was nice to only have to put on a sundress!"
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