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Best Swimsuit While Pregnant

The Ultimate Confidence-Boosting Swimsuit For Moms

I thought I'd always been the type to fear swimsuit season. Maybe. But there was a time in my life when I was apparently possessed of enough confidence to strut poolside in a string bikini. At least that's what my swimsuit collection tells me.

For the past three Summers, I've been in some state of either pregnancy or postpartum "WHAT IS MY BODY DOING?!" panic; so, needless to say, those bikinis have remained dormant at the very bottom of my drawer. In fact, some of them I've even permanently retired to a box in the basement wardrobe. But I digress.

Last Summer, just barely popping with our second, we took a family trip to Mexico. I had to find something to contain pregnant boobs, smooth the bulges of early pregnancy, and boost my confidence enough to not detract from the fun of seeing my then-16-month-old on the beach for the first time. When it's time for fun in the sun with your family, the last thing you want to worry about is tugging a swimsuit back into place.

That's when I saw it! It wasn't the awful maternity options turned out by Motherhood and Target. It wasn't some ridiculous attempt to put myself into a two-piece. (Some moms-to-be can pull this off; my pregnant tummy ain't that cute.) And it wasn't reminiscent of something my grandmother wore once either.

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It was a sleek, black one-piece. It had subtle ruching on the sides, perfect for smoothing my curves back into place. It came up high enough to keep my mommy boobies at bay. And the back dropped down low for just enough of a sexy feeling to remind me that I was a woman on the beach after all. The boring old black one-piece transformed me, I tell you.

Since it isn't a maternity swimsuit, it fits my postpreggo body as well, offering up (hopefully) the same magical powers this Summer while I chase after two babies headed for the water. I should have known. We turn to the LBD when we want to feel good without much thought or effort. Why didn't I automatically opt for something classic and black in the swimsuit department? Could have saved myself some humiliation in the Target dressing room, that's for sure.

I found the suit pictured (the glorious piece to which this ode is written) at a Swim 'n Sport in my local outlet mall. Some other options I've found around the Internet include a chic black one-piece with a fun zipper from ASOS and a suit with a low, low back (a feminine and classy way to feel sexy) from Zappos.

Source: Trevor Noel
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