42 Epic Birthday-Cake Fails

Oct 9 2017 - 3:00am

The effort parents put into having a special birthday cake for their children is deserving of a slow-clap standing ovation. Be it store-bought or homemade, birthday cakes are basically the most important part of a child's birthday, so we do whatever it takes to get them the confectionary of their dreams (even if it doesn't always pan out). Maybe that is why I literally can't stop laughing at these birthday cake fails. I'm actually a pretty terrible cake decorator, and because misery loves company, I absolutely love all these images.

Too Much Cake, Woody?

Someone Should Really Give Her Fairy Godmother a Call

Because this definitely isn't fit for a princess.

Sad Minions

*Forgets Morning Coffee*

This happens.

Princess Cakes Are Not Easy to Do

In fact, they are very, very hard.

Safe To Say This Is Far From Magical

Olaf Now Knows What Happens to Snow in Summer

When She Wants My Little Pony on the Cake . . .

. . . She gets it.

I Never Met a Burger I Didn't Like . . .

Until now.

Really Putting the "Monster" in Cookie Monster


Not Really Sure What They Were Going For Here . . .

Ironman Returns?

SpongeBob Melty Pants

Damn You, Pinterest!

Pinterest strikes again!

Doc McStuffins

Store bought? Or homemade? You be the judge.

Cake Mold Pipe Dreams

I can't wait to see the finished product. Unless that's it. Then, well . . .

Castle Trials

I actually think she did a really good job, but I love what the baker said: "I'm woman enough to admit when I fail."

Barbie's Mud Bath

Barbie is all, "Forget getting dressed up in a pretty skirt, it's spa time!"

You've Got To Be Sh*ttin' Me

This looks a little too much like the real thing.

It's Not Easy Being Green

This might be worse than actually stepping on one.

Rainbow Brite

Those eyes!


I guess we know why the birds are so darn angry.

Home Run?

All Turned Around

Wait, what's wrong with this picture?

. . . Oh.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel . . .

What happened to your house? Source: Instagram user tkaplk [2]

In Any Color


Hello? Kitty?

Are you there?

My Spidey Senses Are Telling Me . . .

Something's not right here.

"It Kinda Looks a Little Like R2-D2 Right?"

If by "a little" you mean "nothing," then yes!

Talk About a Dino Disaster

Flash in the Pan Cake

The baker said, "When I 1st tried making my daughters birthday cake.. It was stuck in the pan." No worries, we've all been there!

The Dwarves Wouldn't Exactly Be Thrilled With This One


"Don't think I'll give up being a #speechpathologist anytime soon."

If You Don't Spray Your Pan First . . .

You'll kick yourself later.

Does Gru Know About This Yet?

A Rainbow of Problems . . .

To say the least.

Captain America Cake

Any Guesses?

Here's a hint: The Force is strong with this one.

This Cake Would Be a Slytherin For Sure

Without question.

Too Soon With the Candles?

Maybe just a tad.

This Looks More Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa . . .

Than a fairytale castle.

The Perfect 1-Year-Old Cake

"Least it will be fun to watch Lucas destroy it."

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