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Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids 2019

Some of the Best Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids in 2019

Whether you're planning a first birthday, a toddler's birthday, or a tween or teen's birthday, you've got to have a great cake at the center of it all. In 2019, we foresee a lot of birthday party themes being based on some of the year's top trends and new entertainment — like the new Star Wars movie, the final Avengers movie, the live-action Pokémon movie, called Detective Pikachu, The Very Hungry Caterpillar — in honor of its 50th anniversary — and so much more.

Ahead are some of our favorite cake ideas for your child's birthday party in 2019.

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I Kid You Not

These Paws-itively Adorable Kids and Pets Will Have You Melting

Cake that looks like a doughnut? Sign us up.

Because it's already seeped into every other aspect of their lives, why not their birthday cake?

How CUTE is this cake?!

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