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Book Picks For Preschoolers

Make It a Summer of Wonder With These Reading Picks For Your Preschooler

The following post was written by Courtney Buteau, who blogs at The Mod Mommy and is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

I like to fancy myself a bookworm. Does reading Fifty Shades of Grey in a day and a half count as speed-reading? I also read Breaking Dawn in four days and felt pretty accomplished after that one, too. Clearly, I'm not reading Shakespeare, but I enjoy it, and to me, that's good enough!

It's getting harder to find time to read as much as I'd like with my third baby on the way, but any chance I can get, I will stick my nose in a book.


My 3-year-old has taken to books the same way I did when I was little, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

She's been out of preschool for a few weeks, and we've been spending our afternoons reading while my 17-month-old naps. It's been the perfect way to wind down, as I desperately need to kick back by this time of day. It's a good routine for us to get into for when the new baby is here.

Here are some books that we have either read or plan to this Summer. They're for children ages 3 to 5.

  1. Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson
    Ahhh, an oldie but a goodie. I loved this book so much as a kid, I actually colored on the TV, trying to be just like Harold. The book does a wonderful job of exploring a child's imagination by using Harold's purple crayon to bring anything to life. It's full of fun surprises and is a can't miss!
  2. All Through My Town by Jean Reidy and Leo Timmers
    We purchased this one at my daughter's school book fair, and I just love it! It's the perfect book for little ones, as its rhyming text takes you through a walking tour of community. The illustrations are vibrant and abundant and match the fun and light story. This book is one that you can read and discover for more than a few minutes.
  3. Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by James Dean and Kimberly Dean
    Fans who sang along with Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons will enjoy this one, too! Pete the Cat is back, and he's feeling pretty grumpy. With the help of some magic sunglasses, he learns that a good mood has been inside him all along.
  4. Hide and Seek Harry at the Beach by Kenny Harrison 
    This book might be best for the younger reader, but is still really fun to have in your little one's library. It's definitely hard to hide a hippo, but Harry still loves to play hide-and-seek. This book does a nice job to help young ones with word recognition. It also has super colorful pictures that make it appealing to read.
  5. If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul
    This book is a perfect one to cuddle up with. In it, a young girl talks with her mom just before bed, asking how animal families say good night to each other. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is sweet and loving. It's sure to become a favorite in your child's bedtime routine.

What books do you plan on reading with your child this Summer?

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