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Boy Leaves Will in Case of a School Shooting

If the Fact That This Boy Made a Will "Just in Case" of a School Shooting Doesn't Shake You, Nothing Will

Javon Davies, a sixth grader from Alabama, decided to cover all of his bases in case the unthinkable happened: an armed gunman entered his school and opened fire. He made the logical choice of writing a will in case the worst happened, in which he left some of his most important belongings to his best friend, Cameron. Javon's mom, Mariama Davies, ended up finding the will and was obviously shaken up.

"It was a PlayStation 4, plus controllers, plus the game that goes with it. My cat, my TV, my Xbox," she explained in an interview with a CBS affiliate. "I could not believe it, you know. I mean my child is in the sixth grade. This is something he should not be thinking about."

And she's exactly right, no child should ever have to be worried about this, but with a school shooting taking place every 1.5 weeks so far this year in the US, it's the sobering reality.

"It's really hard because he's so young. He just shouldn't have to go through that period, because, for what? He's in sixth grade. You have a lot ahead of you, and these things going on, you shouldn't have to worry about, go through or even think about."

Javon made it a point to end his will by thanking his family, and as expected, his closing statement left his mother totally beside herself. He wrote: "Dear family, I love you all. You gave me the clothes on my back and you stuck with me all the time. Love, Javon."

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