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Boy Rewarded For Being Good Samaritan

8-Year-Old Rewarded For Returning $1,450

It's not every day that walking the dog turns into a lesson on why you should be a Good Samaritan, but that's just what happened to 8-year-old Max Parenti. While walking his Golden Retriever, he found a bag with $1,450 in cash, Yahoo! Shine reports. His dad, Guy Parenti, informed his son that "keeping it is no different than taking it," so they turned the money over to the New Hampshire police. Officers were able to track down the rightful owner, Cheri Smith, through the bank routing number listed on the deposit slip that accompanied the cash. Smith, who owns a children's store, said she had lost the loot after dropping her bag one evening and that the store's deposit must have fallen onto the grass. As a thank you, she wrote a note to young Max accompanied by $100.

So what's Parenti planning to do with his reward? "He wants to buy Pixie Stix," his dad says!

Source: Yahoo! Shine
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