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Boy Tells Mom That She Has a Squishy Stomach

This Mom Had the Perfect Reaction to Her Son's Comments About Her "Squishy" Stomach

When Ashley Nowe was tucking in her oldest child, he made an innocent observation.

"Mom, you have the squishiest stomach. It is like a soft pillow. If we traveled somewhere and there was no pillow, you could have the pillow and I could just lay on your stomach."

Understandably, Ashley had two immediate reactions: to cringe and to inform him that it isn't nice to tell someone they have a squishy stomach. But Ashley quickly caught herself, as she realized that her child meant it in a loving way. "He was admiring its gentleness and its softness," Ashley reflected on Instagram.

Shortly after, one of her twins came in to join the cuddle session. "He admired its jiggle, too, with an exceptionally loud zerbert that only a mama with so much skin can offer," she wrote. Her oldest explained that her tummy was where they lived as babies, and after tucking both children in, Ashley couldn't help feel proud of the way her boy looks at her body.

"As I walked down the hall, I thought how lucky his wife would one day be. He only holds positivity for my #postpartum body. I know he will hold the same for her. He knows that her postpartum body will be softer. He knows that it will have lines. He understands that her body tells a story of the start of a life — the first chapter of someone special's story. He will look at his wife as strong, and brave, and generous for giving life. He will only love her more. I know this of him."

Through her son's potentially hurtful observation, Ashley learned the importance of not shaming yourself in front of your kids or taking their comments as insults. "I'm so glad I let him talk about my stomach and its 'imperfections' instead of guarding my ego. Life through the eyes of a child is raw and beautiful. Know that your child thinks your stomach is exactly as it should be, too. Because it is!"

But the coolest part of that conversation in the eyes of her child? There's a Pokémon character named "Squishy," which basically translates to: this "squishy" mama is a badass.

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