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Bridget Moynahan on Single Motherhood

Bridget Moynahan Didn't Have Picket Fence Fantasy; Did You?

Not all moms need marriage and the carriage. Self magazine's August cover girl, Bridget Moynahan, didn't. Though she and ex Tom Brady split before their son John, 2, was born, the actress's social life wasn't affected. She said:

When I was six months pregnant, my belly was like an enormous watermelon. But it didn't hamper my dating life! I do look at men differently now; there's a whole category that isn't in the running: somebody who doesn't want a family. And, while I'd love to have more children, I'm not sure I want another on my own. One is portable; two are not. Anyone I date is going to have an open heart. I never had the fantasy that I was going to get married and have three kids and live in a house with a white picket fence. I couldn't ask to be in a better place right now, and there were multiple things that made all this — having a beautiful son and work I'm proud of and supportive friends — come true.

All women don't buy into the conventional dream; did you?

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