Oh, to Bee One! A First Bumble Beeday Party

Feb 4 2014 - 12:57pm

When Anna Nodolf of ADN Designs [1] was asked by her good friend to design a bumblebee-themed party for her little girl’s first birthday, she delivered with the sweetest bumblebee birthday party we've ever seen! From the beehive and bumblebee graphics to the bee-themed dessert table, the graphic designer and photographer made sure that every corner and tabletop of this celebration buzzed with cuteness. Anna said, "We had so much fun coming up with the cute little bumblebee-themed sayings and playful vibe for the party." But despite all the lovely details, Anna's most memorable moment of the party was not even an actual design element — it was the guest of honor's priceless reaction, "The huge smile on the little birthday girl’s face when we all sang her happy birthday. So sweet!!"

Source: ADN Designs [2]

Fun With Puns

Anna loves the bumblebee puns that are sprinkled throughout the party.

Source: ADN Designs [3]

Queen Bee Sign

A queen bee sign for the birthday girl was a must!

Source: ADN Designs [4]

Photo Banner

The month-by-month photo banner is a cute way to display and celebrate just how much the guest of honor has grown in one year!

Source: ADN Designs [5]

Delicious Menu

Not only is this party bee-utiful and age appropriate, it's also very on trend with the gray and yellow color scheme.

Source: ADN Designs [6]

Gray and Yellow Color Scheme

Another look at the menu and graphics.

Source: ADN Designs [7]

DIY Honeycomb Streamers

Anna loved the easy DIY [8] honeycomb streamers. She said, "The honeycomb streamers are simple to make!! Just fold paper back and forth like a fan and cut into strips. Tape one end to the ceiling (or patio umbrella in this case) and voila!"

Source: ADN Designs [9]

Honeycomb Steamers

A close-up view of the supersimple streamers.

Source: ADN Designs [10]

Best Dressed

Even the birthday girl gets in on the bumblebee action with her adorable bee summer dress.

Source: ADN Designs [11]

Bee Sprinkles

The tiny bee sprinkles are a sweet touch that will keep guests buzzing.

Source: ADN Designs [12]

Cupcake Stand

Another look at desert table with bee graphics.

Source: ADN Designs [13]

Honeycomb-Inspired Deserts

Chocolate and vanilla wafers are inspired by honeycomb.

Source: ADN Designs [14]

Honeycomb Cake

The other guest of honor was the cake by Stellar Cakes & Cupcakes [15]. "Piper’s favorite part was definitely the cake. You can tell by her giant smile in that photo!"

Source: ADN Designs [16]

Sweet Cake

The back of the cake and graphic banner.

Source: ADN Designs [17]

Parting Gifts

Party guests leave with a gift . . . and another pun!

Source: ADN Designs [18]

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