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CPS Takes Baby After Parents Seek Second Medical Opinion

In a series of events that would have any new mom confused and distraught, Anna Nikolayev of Sacramento, CA, had her 5-month-old baby taken from her after bringing him to the hospital with flu symptoms.

When doctors there began talking about heart surgery the new mom decided it was time to get a second opinion. She and her husband, Alex, took their son to another hospital without first getting a discharge, and were apprehended there by police. Their baby appeared to be fine though, so the officers left him with the Nikolayevs.

The story doesn't end here though; in a tense interaction included in the video below, the police arrived at the Nikolayev home the next day with agents from CPS. This time they forced the couple to give up their son, later explaining in a statement to the press that there are concerns of severe neglect.


What do you think, is it severe neglect or a severe misunderstanding?

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