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Celebrity Moms Share Importance of Talking, Singing, Reading

The Impact of Talking, Reading, and Singing to Your Young Child May Surprise You

Even before your children can speak for themselves, they are listening — talking, reading, and singing to your young child exposes them to a variety of words that they may not have otherwise heard. Too Small to Fail teamed up with celebrity moms — Jennifer Garner, Amanda Peet, Kelly Rowland, Salma Hayek, Lisa Ling, and Lena Headey — to release PSAs regarding the importance of talking to your children.

The funny 30-second shorts aim to demonstrate how easy it is to talk about absolutely anything to your children. Even if you think they don't understand you quite yet, talking to them helps them learn new words and bring their imaginations to life. Research shows that "every sound, every sight, every touch, every spoken word helps the brain develop," so start talking, reading, and singing to your baby right away to encourage healthy brain development, as well as close the gap between hearing and acquiring new words.

Watch all of the stars' PSAs, share them with your mom friends to raise awareness, and learn more about the initiative at Talking Is Teaching's website.

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