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Changing Table That Converts to a Desk

Castor & Chouca Nappy Changing Commode: Ga Ga or Gag?

Every mama has her routine when changing her lil one's diaper: without taking her eye off her tot, she can grab a fresh nappy, pull out a few wipes, and dip her finger in a pot of diaper cream. Imagine if it could all be done with the benefit of pivoting drawers and the comfort of a body-molding mattress.

Castor & Chouca, the design firm behind the baby bassinet that converts into a trolley, has created a Nappy Changing Commode ($4,943) that may put all standard versions to shame. With lateral shelves, pivoting drawers, two mattresses, and a "roof" for additional storage, the changing table is a one-piece wonderland for diaper-changing parents. What's more, it can be converted into a desk once potty-training days have come and gone.

The nappy changing commode, with a telescopic body-moulding changing mattress and pivoting drawers that can be used as a desk later on, is the first family furniture made by handcraft makers and standardized as a changing table!

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