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Charlie Dreams Big Baby Documentation Instagram Account

Why "Charlie Dreams Big" Is Going to Be Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Charlie Dreams Big Baby Documentation Instagram Account

Charlie Moldavon may only be 41 weeks old, but he's already dreaming big. On his Instagram account, Charlie Dreams Big, you can find photo documentation of little C's growth in which his natural position is incorporated into an amazing digital sketch drawing every week.

Charlie's parents, Amanda and Dave, told POPSUGAR they wanted to think of a special way to share Charlie's growth with friends and family: "We were racking our brains to come up with a concept . . . When nothing was working, Dave opened up a photo in Adobe Illustrator and began to play around with different ideas and ended up with Charlie's week one picture."

The pair originally planned on posting one photo a week through his first month, but they were having way too much fun, so they continued onward. Now they take 30 to 40 photos a week, Dave sketches on the best one, and they both come up with witty captions and hashtags.

Amanda and Dave are loving this project so much, that although they will likely cut back to posting one photo of Charlie a month after his first year, they want to develop an app so that other parents can join in on the fun using premade props and backgrounds. And as for Charlie's photos, they plan on compiling a book of all the images documenting his first year as a keepsake for him. Talk about a baby book!

Keep reading to see some of Amanda and Dave's favorites (weeks seven, 16, and 38) — and our favorite (week 17, for the win) — all the way back to his very first week!

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