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Child Born with Heart Outside Body

Child Born with Heart Outside Body

If you were told in the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy that your child had not one, but two very serious heart defects and was unlikely to survive, what would you do?

As the Huffington Post reports, Pennsylvanians Leighann and Henry Marquiss were faced with that decision when doctors told them their child had both "hypoplastic right heart syndrome" and "ectopia cordis," an abnormally located heart. Out of every million babies born with ectopia cordis, only five to eight survive.

The Marquiss family continued the pregnancy, and their baby, Ryan, was born with half his heart outside his body and only the left side of his heart properly developed. Yet amazingly, after dozens of operations Ryan is alive and well today, and is celebrating his third birthday!

Read Ryan's story (Huffington Post)

Do you know a child who has survived a dangerous medical condition?

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