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Chore Chart Apps For Kids

Chores Get Done When You Download These Apps

We don't like to call it bribing, but sometimes it takes an incentive plan to get your children to complete some tasks around the home. While it may seem counterintuitive to bring out a phone or a tablet to get the job done, these apps allow parents to schedule chores and reward kids when they complete their task.

Chore Monster

With Chore Monster (free), kids can earn rewards in real life and on the app. As tasks are completed, points and tickets are earned — points go toward rewards, while tickets are used in the app to collect new monsters.

You Rule Chores

For superhero fans, You Rule Chores ($4) is a great motivator. Kids create their own character that gains powers and tools as the child completes his chores. Each week, kids can compete to see whose superhero reigns supreme on the chore chart!

Check out other chore tracking apps!

iReward Chart

Track chores and much more on iReward Chart ($4). Add tasks that kids struggle with (from finishing homework to eating vegetables), and reward them for a job well done!

Chore Hero

Nothing motivates kids like a little competition (especially against their siblings). As they complete chores and earn points, they receive titles ranging from "Delinquent" to "Chore Hero" ($3). Make them work for the highest title and bragging rights.

Chore Pad

In addition to rewards, Chore Pad ($5) awards children with "trophies" when they reach certain chore points. Make the rewards full-screen size so they can show off their hardware around the house.


Not only does iAllowance ($4) help parents track how kids earn money but how they spend it too! The app shows children's spending habits, which can be a great tool to teach them about saving and financial responsibility.

Epic Win

A great app for the lazy teen, Epic Win ($3) gives a video game vibe to tackling chores. Users create an avatar that, literally, destroys chores once they're complete and earns them points towards rewards.

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