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Company Banned From Using the Word Vagina

Evidently, Using the Word Vagina to Describe Your Vagina Is a Big No-No — See What Happened to 1 Company

Company Banned From Using the Word Vagina

Birth is hard. It's sweaty. It's messy. While natural, none of it is pretty.

I've had a baby. If we can agree that things deemed "pretty" include pastel dishware and soft silk blouses, then I feel I've earned the right to declare the delivery experience as "not pretty."

I tore, cried, pooped, and vomited (not in that order), and one of the first things I did once I recovered and returned back to work as an editor was write about the significance that the FridaBaby Fridet ($15), a postpartum perineum butt washer, played in my recovery. But for some reason I used "safe language" when writing about it, only using the word vagina once (and never using the word hemorrhoid) without ever stopping to ask why. Maybe because as a lifestyle writer I've become accustomed to using benign phrases over hyperbolic or salacious language, but still, vagina isn't an indecent word. It's not a crude word. It's a part of the human anatomy — of my anatomy — like foot or nostril.

Which is exactly the sort of bizarre, sensitive situation FridaBaby — a tried-and-true brand with a wide offering of products for parents — found itself in when trying to accurately market the Fridet to its audience . . . when it wanted to use the word vagina to describe, well, the vagina.

It wanted to use the word vagina to describe, well, the vagina.

FridaBaby felt like there was a need for more honest information about the subject of postpartum recovery. To drive the conversation, it wanted to raise awareness about what women — and their vaginas — really go through during childbirth. "Women are just expected to put their mom hat on — who has time to think about the massive hemorrhoids between your legs?" said Chelsea Hirschhorn, founder and CEO of FridaBaby, in an email the brand sent out. "We have to do our part to prepare women for that part of the experience."

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