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Cool Braids For Girls

26 Braids to Inspire a School Morning 'Do

If you're running out of creative ideas for styling your child's hair, braids are a great place to start. Braid styles can range from cool to classic, complex or easy, depending on the look you're going for and how much time you have. These 26 braid tutorials will show you how to get the look of the coolest braid trends, from the dutch flower braid to the perfect fishtail.

Image Source: Unsplash / Wang Xi

These stunning waterfall braids are definitely a mesmerizing upgrade from run-of-the-mill pigtails.

She doesn't have to hit the ring to rock this adorable look.

A half-up, half-down look certainly gives outfits an adorable edge.

These stunning braids transform to sweet little buns seamlessly.

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This sleek 'do is a great option for little ones with tons of hair.

For girls with long locks, try this easy yet eye-catching braid.

Does anything scream royalty more than a wraparound braid? Obviously not!

Bring the Frozen frenzy to school with Anna's cute braided pigtails.

A cute twist on a half-up, this 'do is perfect for Valentine's Day — or really any day!

Bored of the average braided ponytail? Try a fancier take.

If this style doesn't keep your hair all in one place, nothing will.

Leave the french braid unfinished for a quick and easy ponytail with extra detail.

Your daughter might not be old enough to watch Game of Thrones, but she can still rock this show-inspired braid, worn by the character Sansa.

Keep hair out of her face and off her neck with this gorgeous but oh-so-simple crown.

This style takes the term elegant up a million notches.

Elevate any outfit with gorgeous braided headband that's an accessory on its own.

This quick-and-easy braid duo will have her out the door in no time.

Is your little one a fan of The Hunger Games? Then she'll be clamoring for this hairdo.

A set of dainty braids genuinely go with anything.

This gorgeous braid is a whole lot easier than it looks!

The devils is in the details, right? This braid is no exception to the rule.

This three-part braid is beyond eye-catching.

Whether your kiddo has a classy event coming up or it's just another day at school, this 'do will certainly turn heads.

Anyone with long hair can look exactly like their favorite princess with this unforgettable braid.

This crisscross braid defines the phrase "Business in the front, party in the back."

You'll be surprised at how little time this same-side lace braid takes.