An Oh-So-Sweet Cotton Candy Party!

Jan 7 2014 - 2:03pm

Forget the cookies and cake: cotton candy is the star at this birthday bash! "My inspiration came for my love of pink, fluffy cotton candy," says Jessica Billings, owner of event company Party Pants [1]. "I think it is the most beautiful treat at any party, yet totally underestimated!" Jessica took her love for cotton candy, which is luckily shared by her niece (the guest of honor at this playdate party), and planned an entire event (photographed by Michael J. Larson [2]) around the sweet stuff. While spun sugar is definitely the star of this show in terms of both decor and treats, we're also loving so many of the other decorative elements, including the "sweet" marquee sign, a DIY [3] project Jessica made herself! What's your favorite part of the fun, fluffy, sugar-filled affair?

Source: Party Pants [4]

Sweet Stuff

"As the girls arrived, I handed them each a bag filled with handmade tutus, custom headbands, and cotton candy hair clips, all made by the talented Kayleigh's Klippies [5]," Jessica says. "After the girls got decked out in cotton candy gear, they headed to the dessert and candy buffet for some sweet treats."

Source: Party Pants [6]

Sweet Marquee Sign

"One of my favorite DIY [7] projects for this event was the paper marquee sign that read 'sweet,'" Jessica says. "I searched high and low for mini globe lights, but they were near impossible to find. By the time I tracked some down at a faraway craft store, I spotted some clear Christmas decorations that had a slight pink iridescence to them. The color and size were perfect so I used those as my 'lights.'"

Source: Party Pants [8]

Invitations and Printables

The cotton candy invitations and printables were made by The Homespun Hostess [9].

Source: Party Pants [10]

Coconut Cake Centerpiece

Kima's Konfections [11] designed the fondant decorations on the coconut cake centerpiece.

Source: Party Pants [12]

Cotton Candy Garland

"The dessert table's backdrop was a cotton candy garland I made using cotton batting lightly sprayed with pale pink spray paint," Jessica says. "I wrapped and glued strips of painted cotton to white printer paper rolled into cones, and then strung each one together using a needle and thread."

Source: Party Pants [13]


"The cotton-candy-flavored cake, cupcakes, and jelly rolls were adorned with fondant cotton candies made by Kima's Konfections [14]," Jessica says.

Source: Party Pants [15]

Candy Buffet

"The candy buffet had glass jars filled with cotton-candy-flavored jelly beans, taffy, and hard candies," Jessica says. "The girls scooped their favorite candy into vintage cotton candy cart treat boxes made by Claudine Hellmuth [16]."

Source: Party Pants [17]

Cotton Candy Carts

Vintage cotton candy cart treat boxes made by Claudine Hellmuth [18].

Source: Party Pants [19]

Sweet Shop Backdrop

One Swell Studio [20] created the awesome Sweet Shop accordion partition.

Source: Party Pants [21]

Sweetened-Up Milk

"The girls found mini milk cartons with their initials on them and filled each one with strawberry milk, then topped them off with stripy straws and 'sweet' flags," Jessica says.

Source: Party Pants [22]

Chef's Table

"Once the girls were done filling up on sweet treats, they headed over to the chef's table, where they found personalized placemats and baking boxes. Each box was filled with jumbo milk cartons of juice and paper bags full of hard candy used for spinning," Jessica says.

Source: Party Pants [23]

Chef Supplies

Each guest received a box with a jumbo milk carton of juice and a paper bag full of hard candy used for spinning cotton candy.

Source: Party Pants [24]

Party Printables

"The chef's table was decorated with signs made by One Swell Studio [25], and the centerpiece was a cotton candy machine," Jessica says. "Each girl tried their hand at spinning the candy onto their own stick."

Source: Party Pants [26]

Chefs at Work

"The girls put on their personalized chef hats and aprons from Lululily [27] and got ready to make cotton candy!" Jessica says.

Source: Party Pants [28]

Cotton Candy Fun!

"The fun-filled day was complete when the girls took the party outside and turned it into a cake fight!" Jessica says. "They had so much fun smashing and throwing the cake around, and I had so much fun capturing the moment!"

Source: Party Pants [29]

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