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DIY Printable School Valentine's Day Cards For Kids

59 DIY Valentine's Day Cards Perfect For the Classroom Party

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, but before heading to the store, consider simply firing up your printer! With a few clicks of the mouse and a little crafting glue, you and your tot can create beautifully handmade cards that will stand out from the crowd. Best of all, most of our fabulous finds don't require candy additions — moving mom and tot straight to the head of the class for following the teachers' directions.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

1. "What Does the Fox Say" Valentine

They're obsessed with the song, so you know they'll love the Valentine! These "What Does the Fox Say" valentines bring the hit song into the classroom this holiday.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

2. Rainbow Loom Valentine

Does it get more trendy than a Rainbow Loom valentine? Sure, they require a little looming work on your kids' part, but we know their friends will appreciate them!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

3. Paper Airplane Valentine

How fun are these paper airplane valentines? Plus, they're really easy to make!

Source: NoBiggie
Image Source: Martha Stewart

4. Star Wars Valentine

There's no denying the fact that lil ones love lightsabers. Brassy Apple's glowing Star Wars valentine (a free printable!) is a fun way to combine kids' love of the film and glow sticks!

Source: Brassy Apple
Image Source: Martha Stewart

5. Olaf Valentine

With Disney's Frozen still all the rage, we can pretty much guarantee that this Olaf valentine will be a hit with every child in the classroom!

Source: The Idea Room
Image Source: Martha Stewart

6. Fish Bowl Valentine's Cards

We love the subtleness of this Fish Bowl Valentine from Bliss Bloom Blog. It's especially great for schools that don't allow candy in the classroom.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

7. Totally Kool Valentine

With all of the food trading hands on Valentine's Day, we can bet that your kids will need somethign to quench their thirst. These Kool-Aid Valentines are just the thing!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

8. Pirate Valentines

Store-bought pirate valentines can have a certain mass-market feel to them, but MerMag's downloadable girl and boy pirate valentines have all the charm mamas want in their cards. Just download and print the files, stitch on felt hearts, and swoon!

Source: Mer Mag
Image Source: Martha Stewart

9. Bear Hug!

The animal options are endless with Lia Griffith's Bear Hug valentine. Though this one isn't a printable, you can easily print your own animals and create it!

Source: Lia Griffith
Image Source: Lia Griffith

10. Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers

Martha Stewart's Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers are not printable, but they're simple, sweet, and absolutely adorable!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

11. Tearing Up My Heart Valentines

We can't think of a little boy who wouldn't love tearing into one of these "heartbreaker" valentines. They may be too young to understand the 'N Sync reference, but little guys and girls alike will love ripping color-coordinated M&M's out of these construction paper hearts.

To download the free printable template, visit Made Everyday with Dana.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

12. You Are Cute as a Button Cards

A few buttons can be used to create these adorable cards. Just print out Thirty Handmade Days's free You Are Cute as a Button card design, poke the buttons through, and you're good to go!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

13. Glowstick Valentine

If your kids don't want to get too sentimental, Craftiness Is Not Optional's Glowstick valentine is a fun (and easy!) option!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

14. I "Chews" You Valentine

Love the Day's I "Chews" You printable cards are perfect on everything, from a pack of gum to a bag filled with gummy candies.

Source: Love the Day
Image Source: Martha Stewart

15. Superkid!

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Super Valentine! Boys love superheroes, and that's a fact — so treat your tot to a "super" V Day treat with this caped crusader of a lollipop. To download the free printable template, visit Zakka Life.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

16. I "Wheelie" Like You

This easy DIY from Thirty Handmade Days is sure to make your little man the hit of the classroom. Just pop a toy car and a few candies in a see-through plastic bag, and add an "I 'Wheelie' Like You" gift tag.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

17. Lips

It doesn't get much cuter than Me and My Insanity's Lips card. Take cute photos of your kids, photoshop your message, and glue on some tasty chocolate lips for an adorable card.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

18. You're A Cutie

If your tot's school has a healthy valentine policy, then consider It's Always Autumn's You're A Cutie valentines. It's a healthy snack that is bound to create a smile.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

19. Friendship Bracelet Valentines

The friendship bracelet has stood the test of time as a symbol of tots' love for their friends. Now Hart + Sew's Friendship Bracelet valentines bring the love of braided jewelry to the classroom. Download the free printable, put your lil one to work making the bracelets, and get set to see plenty of adorned arms on Valentine's Day.

Source: Hart + Sew
Image Source: Martha Stewart

20. Just Write Valentine

Bits of Everything's Just Write valentines are perfect for school! What teacher wouldn't want to see more writing utensils in the classroom?

Image Source: Martha Stewart

21. You Make My Heart Pop!

It doesn't get much simpler than Love Stitched's You Make My Heart Pop! valentine! Simply affix the printable to a bottle of bubbles, and you're done!

Source: Love Stitched
Image Source: Martha Stewart

22. Your Friendship Is a Lifesaver Card

How fun is Makely Home's Your Friendship Is a Lifesaver Card? Her free printable paired with some candy Life Savers makes for a great card for school.

Source: Makely Home
Image Source: Martha Stewart

23. Bookmark Valentine

Positively Splendid's Bookmark valentines are perfect for preschoolers and younger elementary-school students!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

24. Heart Glow Valentine

These simple and sweet Heart Glow valentines from Kommunicated get the message across brightly! Tots will love their glowing bracelets and mom will love how easy they are to print and assemble!

Source: Kommunicated
Image Source: Martha Stewart

25. Bubble Valentine's Day Cards

Your tot's classmates will be forever seeing bubbles with Armelle Blog's Bubble Valentine's Day Cards. Just download her free card and sticker designs, print them at home, and assemble it all for a Valentine's Day treat.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

26. Play-Doh Valentine

Perfect for the preschool set, Random Thoughts of a Supermom's Play-Doh valentine is a fun (and useful!) one to hand out at school! Her free printable sticker makes it easy to make too!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

27. You Get My Heart Racin'

Kids with a need for speed will get a kick out of this You Get My Heart Racin' ($3) valentine found on Etsy.

Image Source: Martha Stewart
You Get My Heart Racin'
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28. Eye Spy

A sweet Valentine's Day treat without sugar! Skip the candies and let a special little someone know you've had your eye on them with a printable magnifying glass Valentine's Day card. Download the free printable template at Making of a Mom.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

29. A "Forceful" Valentine

Kids love glow sticks, and with Lego Star Wars figures all the rage among the elementary school set, Stitch/Craft's Lego Star Wars valentine is sure to be a guaranteed hit. The free PDF download makes it easy to create, too!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

30. Photo Cards

Charge up the camera and say cheese! DesignMom's Gabrielle Blair created these adorable photo cards for her kids to distribute last year. She simply took photos of her kids with their hands held out, poked holes in the photos, stuck lollipops through, and added a little Valentine's Day message. Easy, cute, and memorable — just how we like it!

Source: Design Mom
Image Source: Martha Stewart

31. You Light Up My Life Valentines

Another creative use of glow sticks, Eighteen25's You Light Up My Life valentines are designed for crafty families.

Source: Eighteen25
Image Source: Martha Stewart

32. Cute Monster Valentines

Valentine's Day can have a certain girlie feel to it, but with Abby Lawson's Cute Monster valentines, it's all boy!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

33. Blowing Kisses Your Way

Bubbles don't have to be reserved for summertime activity. Overstuffed Life's You "Blow" Me Away valentine is a fun way spread the bubble love. Tubes of bubbles come in a variety of colors.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

34. We Make a Great Pair

Take a walk through the dollar store or the bargain aisle at your favorite discount store and gather up as many pairs of baby socks as possible. Download Saltwater Kids's free We Make a Great Pair card, and your valentines are ready to go!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

35. Toad-ally Awesome

For the little nature lover, Crap I've Made's Toad-ally Awesome valentine is easy and fun! Just download the free printable, add on a plastic toad, and you're in business!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

36. Lego Valentine Cards

The lil Lego lovers in the class will go crazy over Craft Create Cook's Lego Cards. Give a lil piece of your heart away with this clever gift.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

37. Have a Ball

Love the Day's Have a Ball valentines may have them bouncing off the walls, but at least it won't be because of a sugar rush!

Source: Love the Day
Image Source: Martha Stewart

38. You Rule Valentines

Your lil one may become the teacher's pet after handing out these studious valentines! RE:Located Living's "You Rule" project is perfect for lil ones to assemble by themselves, and the new PDF printable makes it easier do than ever!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

39. Llama Llove ya Lots Candy Valentine

How fun is this printable llama valentine ($5) we found on Etsy?

Image Source: Martha Stewart
printable llama valentine
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40. Whoopee! It's Valentine's Day Card

You may want to check with your tot's teacher before handing this hysterical card out at school. Paging Supermom's My Funny Valentine card is full of old-fashioned fun. Use her free printable card, tie on a mini whoopee cushion, and watch the fun ensue!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

41. Trail Mix Valentine

Eschew the sweets on Valentine's Day and go with something savory (and potentially healthy). A Spicy Perspective's Trail Mix Card can be put together with a few snacks already in your pantry, a small baggie, and a free printable!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

42. Naturally Sweet Valentine's Day Stickers

With Twig & Thistle's Naturally Sweet Valentine's Day Stickers, your lil one will be the juiciest one in class. Whether tots opt to hand out fruit to their classmates or mama uses the stickers to add love to a lunch box, the free, printable stickers are a great way to add some healthy fun to the day!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

43. Love Bug Valentines

These bugs won't have lil ones screeching in horror — rather, they'll be squealing with delight! I Heart Crafty Thing's Love Bug valentines are simply perfect for classroom distribution!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

44. Astronaut Valentine

For a truly out-of-this-world card, try this Astronaut Valentine ($5) from Etsy. The floating spaceman is one of our favorite finds!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

45. I Am Stuck on You

Perfect for classrooms with no-candy policies, this printable I Am Stuck on You valentine ($6) from Etsy pairs perfectly with Valentine's Day stickers.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

46. Postcard Stamp

Bits of Everything's sweet Valentine's Day postcard is made even more fun with the attached stamper.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

47. Crazy Owls

Everyone loves to sip their favorite drink with a crazy straw, which makes it the perfect accessory for Happiness Is Homemade's Owl cards.

Image Source: Martha Stewart

48. Erupting Volcano Valentine

If your child has a small class, All For the Boys' Erupting Volcano Valentine will stand out from the rest of the cards that arrive in their mailboxes.

Image Source: All For the Boys

49. DIY Cereal Valentines

How fun is this DIY cereal valentine? The personalized spoons can be used over and over again.

Image Source: Giggles Galore

50. Milk and Cookies

We go together like cookies and milk! This valentine is bound to be a hit for after-school snacks.

Image Source: All For the Boys

51. I Chews You

This cute, cartoonish "I Chews You" valentine is the perfect cover for a pack of gum.

Image Source: Lolly Jane

52. Pirate Patches

We love the DIY factor involved in these Pirate Patches valentines that boys and girls will have a blast wearing.

Image Source: Pretty Prudent

53. You Blow My Mind

Not only is the "prize" in this "You Blow My Mind" valentine adorable, but the printable topper is cute, too!

Image Source: Prudent Baby

54. Rainbow Loom Valentines

Put all of those loom bands you have hanging around your home to work with Lolly Jane's rainbow loom valentines.

Image Source: Lolly Jane

55. I Can't Stand to Mask My Feelings

Small Fry's "I Can't Stand to Mask My Feelings" valentine turns into a fun DIY project for the recipient.

Image Source: Small Fry

56. You Make the World Sparkle

If you know that you have a class full of crafty kids, Prudent Baby's "You Make the World Sparkle" valentine is sure to be a hit.

Image Source: Prudent Baby

57. Color Your Heart Out

Teachers (and your fellow classroom parents) will love these crayon valentines ($6) from Simply Chee.

Image Source: Simply Chee

58. Minecraft Valentines

For the little Minecraft-lover, Lolly Jane's Minecraft valentines are perfect! Kids can even put them together themselves.

Image Source: Lolly Jane

59. Valentine Joke Notes

Give them a laugh when they open their lunch with these Valentine joke notes.

Image Source: All For the Boys
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